HiDew is a young but very dynamic Company dedicated to the design, project and production of different dehumidification devices for several applications; from underfloor radiant cooling systems to industrial processes, private and public swimming pools, together with very high efficiency heat recovery systems, combined with a complete range of accessories for the air distribution.

The units realized in HiDew are not meant to follow markets' trends, but to anticipate them, thanks to the continuous creation of new and innovative products.
All the products, projected and realized by HiDew, are mainly focused on the resolution of plants' problems, on energy efficiency and energy savings, on comfort creation.

On dehumidifiers and heat recoveries, HiDew uses only top-quality components, such as electronic radial fans with integrated inverter, very high efficiency heat recoveries and advanced programmable controls, with dedicated software written from the internal department, thus highly customizable, under request.

For industrial processes, swimming pools and domestic ambiences, HiDew develops a wide range of units for both dehumidification and air renewal, with heat recoveries.

HiDew uses a sophisticated regulation software which allows the setting, the measure and control of the air flows, by avoiding problems due to a wrong calculation of duct's channels' load losses; finally, the installation and first start o the units is quick and easy and this leads to a sensible reduction of time and costs of installation.