Discover the new polypropylene heat recovery unit, RDE

Discover the new polypropylene heat recovery unit, RDE

Publication date: 2019-11-12

Finally we are ready with this new product, which we have been working on for over a year.

It is a recovery unit for VMC, in polypropylene, which will be added first and then will replace the ROE 010/020.

  •     Lighter, quieter, optimized in terms of performance and electronics, it will allow us to offer a           solution for the best, most industrialized VMC at a more aggressive price.
  •     Only one product will be suitable for horizontal, vertical or recessed installation.
  •     Free-cooling is standard and integrated into the mold.
  •     The air flows can be exchanged to facilitate the installer in the final installation.
  •     A single operator will be enough for lifting, given the reduced weight.
  •     Filter maintenance can be done without the use of tools, within the reach of the end user.
  •     Availability: February 2020

We have put a lot of effort into this project, which is completely new to us, mainly because of polypropylene.

We are satisfied with the final result, but most of all, we are interested in having your opinion.

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