Heat recovery unit

AER (air handling unit with recovery)

AER units are the solution to the growing demand for heating and cooling systems for passive houses or buildings with limited energy loads. In such contexts, an all-air unit becomes the guarantor of comfort in the rooms, taking charge not only of maintaining the required air temperature but also the relative humidity and air quality.

AER units are also perfect for the all-round air conditioning of hotel rooms where individual and precise comfort is required, without any interference between guests.
Typically combined with high-efficiency heat pumps, but not only, the AER units are monobloc machines developed horizontally, perfect for installation in false ceilings or in technical rooms. In addition to the water exchanger for heating or cooling the air, they are equipped with a counterflow heat recovery unit with efficiency of over 90% and a mixing chamber with 3 dampers for continuous modulation of the percentage of external air.
The fan sections consist of modern, maintenance-free, directly coupled EC radial fans. Rotation speed control allows the air flow rate to be modulated according to the ambient loads, taking into account the need for quietness at night or peaks in demand due to crowding or particularly harsh external conditions.


  • De-humidification

  • Air filter

  • Free-Cooling

  • Summer time cooling mode

  • Winter time heating mode

  • Heat Recovery

  • Remote control via RS485

  • EC plug fans