SRO-SRV dehumidifiers with integrated recuperator are autonomous

SRO - SRV : are here!

SRO - SRV : are here!

Publication date: 2023-07-03

The SRO - SRV series dehumidifiers with integrated recuperator are fully autonomous and designed for use in small swimming pools, SPAs and civil, residential and commercial environments with high latent load where 24-hour/day operation is required.

SRO models are designed for suspended ceiling installation inside the room to be treated or inside a technical compartment. SRV models, on the other hand, are designed for basement installation inside a technical compartment. In both cases, installation involves ducting to prevent mixing of air flows.

Being equipped with a cross-flow heat recovery unit, the units are able to provide, in addition to dehumidification, a supply of outside fresh air ( up to 50 percent of the nominal flow rate).