Heat recovery unit

RCE and RFE (built-in soultions)

Air quality and purity, temperature and humidity are critical for comfort, especially during the winter when opening the windows for air results in a significant loss of heat and discomfort for the occupants.

he European Parliament itself has legislated on the subject, citing ventilation as a "need" of the building. This "need" clashes, however, with the need to improve the energy performance of buildings in order to minimize consumption. The VHR with heat recovery RCE and RFE of HiDew is the best solution to reduce the energy needs of the house while improving the healthiness of the environment.

The RCE and RFE vertical built-in heat recuperators with very high efficiency, have been conceived for use in residential and commercial environments (the latter of small dimensions), where you want to change the air by recovering the heat of the expelled one, thus minimizing the energy consumption of the building and always keeping the ambient air healthy. The built-in vertical installation allows to reduce the thickness of the false ceiling, ensuring high performance.

The RCE model foresees the delivery to the ceiling while the RFE model foresees the delivery to the floor.


  • Air filter

  • Free-Cooling

  • Heat Recovery

  • EC plug fans

  • Remote control via RS485

  • Low noise version