Heat recovery unit


Air quality and purity, temperature and humidity are critical for comfort, especially during the winter when opening the windows for air results in a significant loss of heat and discomfort for the occupants.


To achieve adequate air renewal in buildings and to ensure good indoor air quality, it is essential to install a mechanical ventilation system. The European Parliament has legislated on this, citing ventilation as a “need” for the building; this can clash to the need to improve building energy performance. Mechanical ventilation with RDE heat recovery unit is the best solution to reduce energy consumptions of a building and at the same time improve ambiences healthiness.

RDE series high efficiency polypropylene heat recovery unit is designed for residential and small commercial ambiences, where air renewal and heat recovery from expelled air is required reducing energy consumptions and keeping high quality of the air.


  • Heat Recovery

  • Free-Cooling

  • Air filter

  • Remote control via RS485

  • EC plug fans